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  1. Why Naomi is the best WWE Female
  2. Mess at Jess and Cody spending half their
  3. I LOVE how Wendy Williams interacts with her..
  4. What is YOUR opinion on pizza delivery tipping?
  5. I just saw my first Big Brother player
  6. Listen to this every morning
  7. When I order a Meatball Marinara
  8. Ugh yes at all the blacks and Asian
  9. 10 episodes behind on BBUK
  10. "Nice" is officially my favorite song
  11. The Simpsons had a Survivor/TAR episode
  12. I was never a big milk drinker
  13. Tyra Banks is my BOO but
  14. If you don't listen to Da'vonnes' recaps
  15. Amanda Garcia is so underappreciated
  16. I normally like emotional characters
  17. Mama Day is now Mama GAY
  18. I can't @ BBUK I know i'm like ten episodes behind
  19. Does anyone remember being a kid
  20. It's weird how Big Brother finals
  21. I'm not gonna drag Kaycee
  22. I feel bad for Tyler
  23. Amanda is THAT girl
  24. The Challenge Final Reckoning cast is so weird
  25. Throwback to when Beyoncé released
  26. My body is READY for my drivers license photo
  27. I wore a shirt with a cheetah print design on it
  28. Lmao Beyoncé sings "Listen" in Espanol
  29. Does anyone else respond with gifs
  31. If I have a shit about streaming numbers
  32. Tell me why I randomly came across
  33. Why did CBS move finales to Wednesday?
  34. Does dead bodies make anyone else nauseous?
  35. I didn't watch bbcan6
  36. Don't you HATE it when you
  37. I'm at Sonic right now
  38. Ever since Liza and David broke up
  39. The Challenge brings out a new side to people

Lemonade was a GENIUS work of art

Jun 6, 2018 by Timster
imagefor Beyonce, but it was a double edged sword. On one hand Beyonce reinvented her sound which was a huge plus for the critics and she gained massive amount of respect (and some backlash ofc) for being more vocal about rumors & politics.

But what hurt her was dragging her husband bald on that album. Despite Jay Z arguably being the bigger name of the 2, she had enough power to completely end his career. A lot of people lost respect for him. Because of that his album flopped & his tour sales were TRAGIC.

Beyonce then decided to help him out by bringing him on tour with her and because of that.. people are turning on her and their new tour. He holds her back so much. He's a great feature in their songs, but he doesn't need to be apart of her shows. And if rumors are true and she drops a collab album with him, she may end her own career. She needs to jump off his sinking ship QUICK because in her own words "If I walk on water, I would drown". She ain't gettin any younger and the second you start floppin people will find someone else to stan and leave you in the dust. Also doesn't help that she doesn't promote her own shit either. She is a megastar but you can't expect huge sales off your name alone.

"When someone who always gives their 100% suddenly gives 75% you will be massively disappointed"


jay z's days are numbered , i think she overtook him as the bigger star years ago
Sent by blogs,Jun 6, 2018
blogs He's not old.. but he's old. All the popular rappers nowadays are in their 20s and 30s. It's hard for him to keep up with this new crowd. Even Eminem isn't doing so well anymore but I believe that has more to do with him getting super political last year which turned off a lot of his fan base.
Sent by Timster,Jun 6, 2018

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