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  1. Is anyone else waiting for Kenny Ortega
  2. The KING of Rock & Roll & my could have..
  3. I just drank a glass of milk (with oreos)
  4. Cat ladies are seriously throwing a FIT
  5. If I cum for you you best not cum for me.
  6. Me, Zuelke, & Absol dancing our way onto
  7. @Desi being hated for going through
  8. Does anyone feel like this episode
  9. Are people hating on the 5 man majority?
  10. Watching Survivor immunity
  11. I'm such a healthy king
  12. The Challenge makes me hate men
  13. I'm so proud if Ika
  14. *Jenna snaps her ankle*
  15. Kanye made Taylor famous
  16. Also RIP Fifth Harmony
  17. Who from BB18 will be cast on THE CHALLENGE
  18. I just read an entertaining public thread
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  22. I thought the feeling of nostalgia was OVER
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  24. People who brag about NOT buying
  25. So 3 members from MTV Winter break
  28. My twitter is POPPIN TODAY
  29. My twitter followers are suggesting
  30. Does anyone else get kinda sad when
  32. I hope my 23andme results tell me that i'm Kenyan
  33. One time my sister & I were at an arcade
  34. My co-worker that always buys me shit
  35. Survivor seems unrealistic at times
  36. After watching a secret scene between
  37. THE most underrated Beyonce/Jay Z collab
  38. New Fear Factor is LIT
  39. Erik giving up immunity
  40. I didn't know about Ghost Island

I'm ANXIOUSLY waiting for my next big

Mar 2, 2018 by Timster
imageTWITTER FIGHT with a reality star/celebrity. I haven't had one in a WHILE but my twitter was KNOWN for my explosive celebrity rivalries.

Sarah the winner of BBCan3 tweeted something, and I dragged ha and she liked my tweet. Time to see if she responds...

I'M READY HOE. I may be dusty but I still can scrap if need be!


Dustier than my asshole? Nope.
Sent by Etienne,Mar 2, 2018
whats ur twitter king
Sent by FrenchMaid,Mar 2, 2018
frenchmaid Glad I have your RESPECT now! Here's a link to the DRAMA
Sent by Timster,Mar 2, 2018
Timster after months of not dealing with your ass, i come to appreciate you and miss your messiness.

Now I can follow it on a daily now.

you better PROVIDE me with drama
Sent by FrenchMaid,Mar 2, 2018
frenchmaid I'M HONORED. Ty Redneck Island Champion <3
Sent by Timster,Mar 2, 2018

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