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Damn - Middle School letter sent to parents

4thFeb 21, 2018 by Timster
Dear Parents/Guardians: We have sent the following letter home today with our students.

For the safety of our students, we will no longer allow the use of backpacks beginning Wednesday, February 21. Our school now has a metal detector at the front entrance and we would like to start using it immediately. We have completed trial runs and backpacks set it off every time one went through. With 500 students, we feel we cannot properly search our students in a timely manner without cutting into instructional time with backpacks. All students have a locker and we have made sure they are in working order today. Girls will be allowed to have a small purse and those that play a sport can have a sports bag. These purses/bags will be subject to search if they set off the metal detector. Cell phones will also set off the metal detector. We will be asking our students to have them turned off, and they will hand them to a staff member before going through the metal detector. The staff member will hand it back to them as soon as they exit the metal detector. Students are allowed to have a lunch box, but all contents need to be plastic so as not to set off the metal detector. Also, we are asking that students not wear steel-toed shoes. We have shared all this information with students today, and they are aware of the changes that are being made to better protect them. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement this new process. We realize it will be trial and error as we work to provide a safer learning environment. We want to thank Jamie Hubbard for donating the metal detector to help keep our students safe.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us or come to Open House Wednesday, February 21 from 3:30 to 5:30.


Well since the government isn't doing anything, i'm glad they're taking initiative. It's sad that it's come down to this
Sent by Anas,Feb 21, 2018
Agree with Anas - it's worth it.
Sent by Chic,Feb 21, 2018
I remember when I was in middle school and we ALWAYS had to put our bags in our lockers!  I agree with Anas and Chic that it's sad it's come down to this, but I see where this is all coming from.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Feb 21, 2018
My boyfriend's brother is the only one who can bring a backpack to his school because he has diabetes so congrats on getting a free pass to bring a GUN MichelleObama
Sent by jeriber,Feb 21, 2018
the usa has some dumb ass whores in government holy crap
Sent by Philip13,Feb 21, 2018
philip13 guns here are cherished almost as much as money. Also it doesn't help that it's in the Constitution and folks view that thing as a Bible even though it was written 300 years ago for certain people and needs some revising.
Sent by Timster,Feb 21, 2018
Timster not to mention the process of making amendments was written down in said constitution so that if need be laws can be changed lmao just cause it’s weitten down doesn’t mean it can’t be changed but most gun thumpers didn’t pay attention to high school Government classes. Also if I remember correctly the writers wanted to force a rewriting of the constitution every so often?
Sent by bowling4fun,Feb 21, 2018
so does that mean no homework then since they cant bring stuff there/home? that shit unfair i had endless homework
Sent by ItsAustin,Feb 22, 2018
I am required to bring my bag around. It looks weird if you don’t in high school. Wouldn’t be surprised if our district was next for this change, as our school in particular is going apeshit over what happened in Parkland.

It’s sad, but welcome to modern America.
Sent by RealJacksonWalsh,Feb 22, 2018
Girl schools in the ghetto BEEN doing this.

I’m sure some New Yorkers like starfresh33 have seen this shit
Sent by Danger,Feb 22, 2018
Is this a joke?
I have a thousand things in my bag that I might need during the schoolday. Lunch, water bottle, earphones, gum, deodorant, stuff for my mouth not to get dry, pencil case etc., calculater, keys, wallet and a lot more. Not to mention the books & laptop, how can I do ANYTHING without them? What does the school expect you to do, put everything in your pockets? That isn't going to fit.

It looks as if the school got an investment and they are really excited. So they decide to make a school into a Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I don't know how it is in America.. I don't live there.. But if this would happen at my school I would be pissed off. Good luck with that lmao
Sent by Juliann,Feb 22, 2018
Well if the government won’t do anything then the schools need to at least try, so props.
Sent by KrisStory,Feb 22, 2018
Good for them, it’s definitely sad schools have to do this since our government won’t do anything
Sent by tharealmike,Feb 22, 2018
This is so dumb just have stricter gun control like idgi....

I also don't enjoy when the Constitution is brought up to protect guns, because the Amendment states that we have a right to bear arms to form an ACTIVE MILITIA, and since we already have a military there is no need for citizens to own guns lmaoo
Sent by rawr121,Feb 22, 2018
Wait? You're a Middle School Teacher?
Sent by sportsgeek12,Feb 22, 2018
Liberals ruining everything
Sent by Jaylin,Feb 22, 2018
sportsgeek12 LMAO NO this went viral from a social media post that the middle school put online. I just copied and pasted it. juliann LMAO MESS @ STUFF TO KEEL YOUR MOUTH FROM GETTING DRY
Sent by Timster,Feb 22, 2018

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