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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

if you commit your life to castings

Apr 8, 2021 by Times_Places
touch some grass. you have better things to do then plus people because you're a fake ass bitch whos waiting for some plusses back. to you, a key is more important then losing your family. that shit is so rare you spend hours waiting, looking at the screen like the nobody you are only for it to show and up and someone else would snatch it.

get. a. life. 

-a 16 year old


thank you. i needed this.
Sent by lemonface,Apr 8, 2021
lemonface no.. thank YOU for coming to my ted talk.
Sent by Times_Places,Apr 8, 2021
22 Mar, 21
Sent by Brandonator,Apr 8, 2021
Hating outside the club you can’t even get in smh
Sent by Brandonator,Apr 8, 2021
i feel like this is so... relatable... i'm now in tears...
Sent by Hunty,Apr 8, 2021
Brandonator I've gotten 6/7th on past castings. its an absolute waste of time. STAY MAD YOU GLIZZY GOBBLER!!!
Sent by Times_Places,Apr 8, 2021

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