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was i in the wrong

Feb 18, 2024 by Times_Places
about a year ago when i was shopping for my prom outfit (which was in DRAG) at i think was JC Penney... or somewhere else idk and when i got to the dresses i decided to pick a few and go to the nearby dressing room.

well after taking a few visits back and forth this 40 year old woman tried yelling at me and told me I couldn't go into that dressing room because it was only for women. I looked before I went in and there is no signs saying anything about the dressing room being exclusive to women. No postings, icons of gender, etc.  She then pulled an employee and started ranting. The employee told me I had to leave to go to the "men's" dressing room. i rebuted and said that there was no sign on the dressing room saying only women could go in. The employee said that that's how it is and I had to leave. The one they told me to go to was all the way downstairs where the men's wear was (The store had 3 stories). I went down there, it was closed.

I felt. so. humiliated.

I had to try the outfits in the bathroom. I felt like a tool lol. I walked back upstairs to put what I didn't need back. I didn't purchase anything either. I understand company policy but to me it seemed like they were just making things up. There are gender neutral changing rooms everywhere. And I understand that there are gendered ones as well but to my knowledge, gendered fitting rooms.. bathrooms... etc... all have signs or posts saying that they're gendered. I had to take the employee's word. I fully believe that the employee was biased and told me to go somewhere else, just to be turned down again because that changing room was closed.

was I in the wrong??? or are they just queerphobic


the store employee probably just told you that so the woman would stop ranting at them
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Feb 18, 2024
It is truly painful to face situations of prejudice/transphobia/homophobia; it's disgusting! You did right by not buying anything at that place, but it's important to stand firm against such prejudiced people. I wish you all the care and respect. Feel embraced.
Sent by Alexandrevs,Feb 18, 2024

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