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all she said was

Nov 21, 2023 by Times_Places
what was happening to Palestinians was bad, not that Jewish people were running the media Funny 🫣

We shouldn’t fire people who are trying to acknowledge genocide, that’s genocide propagation


I mean regardless she’s a pretty bad actor so if you’re going to fire her for anything fire her for that
Sent by BigBrotherStan2022,Nov 21, 2023
Lmfaooo bigbrotherstan2022
Sent by Times_Places,Nov 21, 2023
Saying this in a month where Israelites were tortured and killed is wild tho. It's like ignoring that fatality because of her political opinion. It's like ignoring that there were deaths on both sides and that war is an evil in general.
Sent by Pavaneli,Nov 21, 2023
Pavaneli She was calling for a ceasefire to halt deaths on both side and raising awareness for civilians in a time where mainstream media is censoring them. I read her posts and she never addressed Jews (or even Israel I believe?). I'm not sure how lawful her termination was.
Sent by Amixoxi,Nov 21, 2023
Sent by Funny,Nov 21, 2023
@Amoxoxi oh so thats unfair to her
Sent by Pavaneli,Nov 21, 2023
Amixoxi *
Sent by Pavaneli,Nov 21, 2023

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