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Hamas wouldn’t have existed

Nov 13, 2023 by Times_Places
without imperialism. like what else do you expect when people are forced out of their homes and are brutalized. funny now a resistance terrorist group is created as a result of Israeli oppression which lead to death of their own people. You can’t possibly deny that Israel didn’t play a significant role in the creation of Hamas


yeh Israel did lead to Hamas by leaving the Gaza strip in 2005 forcing thousands of Israeli civilians out and giving themselves full control to govern, that was a mistake indeed
Sent by Funny,Nov 13, 2023
and idk why you're specifically coming at me rn when all I said was Hamas is Isis like what does this have to do with Hamas being terrorists?
Sent by Funny,Nov 13, 2023
and when were Gazans forced out of their homes? I'm confused
Sent by Funny,Nov 13, 2023
funny so you agree that Israel helped Hamas form
Sent by Times_Places,Nov 13, 2023
times_places bc they left the gaza strip hoping they would be sensible, yes
Sent by Funny,Nov 13, 2023

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