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pyn for opinion

6thJan 12, 2022 by Thumper91
#Booyahhayoob youre a pretty chill person IDK if people like you on this site or not but like you were so nice to me since i joined stars for the first time in years like a month or so ago and added me to your chat which is iconic :D ill try to talk in your chat more sometimes i literally forget to talk LOL

#arris i love you so much i remember always going to you to vent and you were always there for me through some pretty tough times of my life and always been a true friend to me and i know if i ever need anything youd be there for me i miss you <3

#lucas_rfs i remember meeting you in vivor not too long ago and ever since you voted me out with your friends which is fine i was out of the loop LOL you have been so nice to me and supported me when i was in stars and everything and i just find you to be a true sweetheart <3

#peace123 you are one of my favorite sons on this site you are so so so funny and always make me laugh. maybe b/c you act silly alot but like i love it so much idk how anyone could ever hate you ever.

#jayelveeisback trust me i wont be joining stars for a few years LOL i have too much in life going on but i miss our friendship and how close we were even though youre the type to make me wanna bang my head against a wall sometimes with the things you do and say lol no offense but love you when youre being sane <3

#brayden_ i remember playing stars with you years ago and literally loved your personality and i use to love when youd blog all the time b/c i remember you being very funnny and trolly and those are my favorite people when they are funny and not mean :)

christossss honestly i love you to pieces king you have always been so sweet to me even though you dont always support my friendships LOL but i try to keep each friendship separate which is why i would always wanna be your friend for ever my ex husband.

daddydev i love you to pieces you have been my bestie for years and that wont ever change even though right now im like kinda still not talking to you for the way i was treated yesterday over a game :( i know i wont ever get an apology and thats fine ill get over it one day i just never expected you to act that ways towards me :/ but i love you anyway my bestie in a tessie

briangonzalez im glad we had gotten through the drama that we had at the beginning of our friendship and were able to actually get to know eachother b/c i find you to be a real gem and a very nice loyal guy :)

kiara_xoxo youre a queen and my birthday twin duh!! you are so funny i love your blogs theres a reason you always get top blogs you are one of the most iconic girls on this site.

brightongal jesss!! im glad ive gotten to know you better lately and love going on calls with you. you are such a chill person and very carefree and one of the nicest people on this site :)

hamburgerbunzz rachel!!! you are so fun to play games with especially crazy 8s LOL when we all hit eachother with those +4s all the time its hilarious but you are so loyal and nice and really loved playing that frooks with you like a couple weeks ago :) you deserve the world.

harpo mom i know youre very hated on this site idk why tbh you have always had my back like in every game and everything and i remember that one time we talked on the phone and just talked about life for hours youre really chill to just vent to and stuff :)

brandonpinzu honestly idk what it is but you have always had such a soft spot in my heart ever since ive known of you on this site. you have been someone ive always admired from a far and have always been so nice to me even when you really didnt know me :)

johnpopper im so glad we joined stars together i got to really meet you and get a good friend and a son out of that stars. you are so sweet and i love your messages of you checking up on me not many people do normally its me doing it for them but it shows me you do truly care about me and everyone needs a friend like you :)

iigalaxyii andrew!! i enjoyed our talks that we had in devs blog game thing it was great to finally meet you after like just really seeing you around the site for years and having pretty much similar friends. no matter what anyone says you are very true to your friends and thats very admirable.

titoburitto omgg i remember when we use to call all the time back in the day and frooks and stuff and we use to be #1 friends you were so funny sometimes i didnt kinow if you were serious or not which was great you dont take things too seriously and i love that :)

midiaw you are a true icon you supported me in stars and i returned the favor for you didnt really know you before i was in stars myself but you reached out to me and like i could never thank you enough and i will forever have your back duh :)

dmann im pretty glad you came back to the site i remember like looking up your profile maybe a year ago or something or maybe recent i dont remember but i remembered how close we were back in the day and honestly my loyalty runs deep so if i ever see you in a game i got you <3

robynn i recognize the username i wanna say weve played a game together and im pretty sure weve talked i have a bad memory LOL sorry dont take offense but definitely if we havent would love to get to know you more :)

3pi14159 i assume you love algebra by your username i use to myself back in the day LOL ive seen you around and i think ive saved you when you were in stars a couple weeks ago but ive never seen you in any like drama so im gonna assume youre a pretty chill noncontroversial person :)

yawnha ive seen you around and remember seeing you when you were in stars i dont think weve ever really had a conversation before or even played a game but im always down to getting to meet new people :)

skyler1822 girl!! youre one of my favorite girls to talk to youre very good with advice and just an all around good person. i have never seen you heated or anything you are such a sweetheart and probably the nicest if not the nicest person on this site and deserves all the love and care in the world.

blairy i dont think ive ever spoken to you or been in a game with you i could be wrong lol but i think you supported me in stars like one poll and i always appreciate it but we should definitely talk sometime i love getting to know people.

_matt i remember when we played survivor and it like really just ended badly but i was glad we were able to work somewhat together in devs blog game. i did geniunely enjoy our conversations we had and thought you were such a true king :)

joshlyn34 you know how i feel about you you own my heart and i couldnt see myself ever being without you nor would i want to. i would literally do anything for you you mean the world to me and i couldnt picture myself with someone better than you. you are truly the sweetest guy i have ever been with. you make me smile all the time and always make me feel special and that im the only girl and i love that so much really not something im use to at all. you are beyond perfect and i cant wait to meet up with you this summer and get to spend lots of us time together it will be the best day of my whole life to meet the love of my life <3

survivor8 bro youre pretty cool and very loyal in frooks and pretty glad we got to talk in that game instead of being against eachother :)

abstractjay ive seen you around the site and weve played that one frookss together idr if we worked together or not but i think so but literally if not we should work together in games :)

sprtsgy1989 sean!!1 i miss youre blogs and stuff youre pretty funny just not when you try to get people to neg my blogs then it gets kinda annoying LOL but i think you like to annoy me so xD

jenna2010 honestly i think youre so nice you always comment on peoples blogs and everything and i always remember looking up to you when i was a noob on this site and wanted to be as liked as you were :)

woeisme johnnn i love our talks and youre so funny and one of the few to see the girls. you are such a sweetheart and very loyal and i know if i need to vent that youre literally a message away :)

typhlosion37 ryan i was glad we got to talk in devs blog game it was pretty fun till merge then it just was torture LOL maybe in a different game with a different cast we could definitely work together better but youre really nice and everything apart from games :) still remember when you tried to steal #carlisle from me

systrix my sissy <3 you are literally like a mini me you are the sweetest ever and so calm cool and collected. you never let anyone really bother you and i really love that about you and youre very carefree and beautiful :)

jengaged im glad we have been in chats together and had gotten to go on calls in the chats and get to know eachother you are a very loyal icon and im so happy that i was able to help give you youre first hunger win :) very must deserved

galaxies LOL i finally got to you xD but you are always so nice to me at one point back in the day i think you didnt like me though i could be wrong but i do appreciate your kindness and was surprised when you gifted me a couple of weeks ago i think you get hate for like no reason tbh idk why you get the hate that you do get.

nicolef eddie!!! i have always loved you and your controversial self LOL i find you funny and you are such an icon. you dont have a problem speaking your mind but duh youre a bad bitch thats why i have unconditional loyalty for you <3


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