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the scariest time of my life...

May 3, 2021 by Thumper91
it happend a few months ago LOL so anyone that knows me knows im pretty crazy and wild and like ill try anything at least once :P so me and my guy were chilling hanging out he brought this chocolate little did i know before that it was like an edible lol he knew i had always wanted to try it and man this chocolate was strong as HELL...
he was like you wanna just have a bite or eat the whole thing so me being very naive i was like what the heck question is that lets eat the whole bar.
so we did man like an hour later i was so gone i really couldnt open my eyes i was like feeling dead ngl i ended up throwing up for what seemed like forever. the guy was like so freaked out he was like im gonna call the cops and let them know i just found you here along with your parents we were also like naked LMAO so i was like uh  my parents would be so like disappointed LOL we couldnt even order pizza we were so fucked up
when we finally figured out how to order food when it got to use man it saved my life it was the best pizza i probably ate in my whole life


ur crazy lauren i love u
Sent by peace123,May 3, 2021
dont fuck around with edibles!!!!!!! i thought i was DYING for real when i had too much
Sent by lemonface,May 3, 2021

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