Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Oct 17, 2020 by Thumper91
For opinion :) haven’t done one in ages

ghrocky100 alex ❤️♥️ One of the sweetest souls on this site you are such a. Good friend I feel bad I couldn’t have been more better for your game a few months ago. I was just in a bad spot mentally. I love you so much we gotta catch up soon doll ❤️♥️

deshonbannedisback Deshon baby ❤️♥️ I miss you YOURE always so nice when we have talked in the past you are such a loyal person in games and you deserve everything good in this world ❤️♥️

emzthorne max sweetie♥️♥️ You are hilarious when you troll and what not idk I never take you too seriously especially when you are friends with moxi y’all trip me it’s gonna be awkward if y’all aren’t still friends or whatever 😂

abrogated I’m glad we made up from when you use to hate me lol you are very nice to people you like and very pleasant to actually talk to miss our messages ♥️

miarma so idk who you are lol but I’m gonna assume you’ve joined within the last 2 years I’ve been very much so mia but I love to meet new people so let’s talk sometime :)

crimsonteer omg Heyy love I miss our calls those were very much so such highlights of my time on this site I miss that group so much idk if it died or y’all don’t add me to chats anymore but I love you all so much ♥️


lauren <3
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desh x
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omg hay
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Me plz
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