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10 merges later <3

5thJan 23, 2020 by Thumper91
honestly never expected to get this far alone last from my og tribe its the best ive ever done ever, usually catty girls join that hate me for honestly 0 reason but i made it through so much without having multis or a big friend group to follow me in many cant say that. i worked my ass for all that i got and im proud of myself :)

astone929 i love you so much thank you for joining this with me at the start you just left too soon :/ but it was a tough merge b/c no one would vote the one person i could vote so it sucked :/ but maybe we could play again together <3

littlemix you are such a loyal king i loved reconnecting and talking to you youre so fun to play games with and youre a true gem <3

jacadeux im so glad we actually had good convos about that game you use to play back in the day LOL those were good talks youre really a good guy and very sweet. glad we got to talk throughout this time :D

semajdude i love you so much you are the nicest guy you just try to seem tough but you have the right intentions and everything <3 im glad to call you a friend :)

bbfan1074 you got so robbed so much but youre loyal for keep joining and youre a sweet guy my love for you is so strong hopefully we can slay that org were in together <3

m_davis1998 you have been through most these merges with me and i enjoyed it i wish you couldve still been here with me but you really got robbed :/ you didnt deserve this hopefully we can join again sometime :D

firex i do love you and youre so loyal and fun to talk to on calls i miss our days where me you chriss would play roblox those were so fun lol

notnicky333 youre a true king im glad i got to meet you the way i did you are so loyal and ugh so great im glad we got to be friends and got to play vivor with you <3

minniemax i tried so hard to keep you in vivor as long as i could bc you are so great and deserve the world but when it came down to you and whoever i was closest too it was kinda rough :/ i felt really bad about it im so sorry i hope you can forgive me.

youndandreckless erikkk you werent too active but youre a loyal king and stayed with us through this i enjoyed having you around so much :D

bluejay7622 i love you so much wes im glad we made up from our last survivor we played together and that this was a better outcome for us <3.

kelly2722 i love you you got robbed :/ we shouldve won that last one so you couldve merged im so sorry :/ i wish things were different

zoon youre one of the main factors i was still in this vivor if it wasnt for you i probably wouldve been our merges ago and i cant thank you enough for that we have been on this tribe for weeks and i enjoyed playing with you and getting closer to you i love you so much keep slaying boo <3.

boicam77 i love you cam and i wish you mergeed  more you are the sweetest soul ive ever met dont let anyone ever put you down babe <3

nopalitolegend01 you are a king and you always know how to make me feel better and put a smile on my face. you are so pure and innocent and i love that about you :)

mbarnish1 im sorry you got snatched :/ but people just didnt trust you and thought you were shady :/ im sorry baby

holllyy1230 this was the best experiencing meeting you i never thought that wed get as close as we did especially b/c we were on opposite sides and we like didnt vote together for a good bit but im glad we were able to talk and make a friendship out of this but sadly since were true girls and icons people just get jealous and cant stand that were the better girls in this world.

daddydev i love you so much youre always so loyal to me and i cant thank you enough for everything you do for me <3 ugh youre perfection and i love that youre my friend and always have my back youre the type ive been looking for all my life <3

sameed27 if it wasnt for you i wouldve gotten out merges ago LOL thanks for having my back i love you so much <3 we defeated what was haunting us <3

lexeyjane i love you regardless of this game we clearly were on opposite sides and even though you told me day 1 you werent gonna vote me and went and did it anyway im not mad about it even if you are which idgi when you literally voted me too sorry but it was me or you and honestly usually i would voluenteer for people i love but 9 merges was too much to just give up and i really wanted 10 merges and i never wanted something so much more than that i put alot of effort into it and everything to just throw it away one day maybe youll wanna make amends but just know im not mad at you and i dont hold grudges over games so even if we didnt vote you i wouldnt have held anything against you.

bamold1999 you are a true friend you are so perfect im glad i got to meet you years ago and im so thankful you helped me reach my goal not many people would have done that for me and anyone thats mad at you for it can suck dick b/c really if it was reversed they wouldve wanted it too. you are someone that i know would never like go against me like even when you vote me you always tell me in vivor and i really appreciate it you deserve the world tbh you are such a good friend to those who are good to you and anyone that doesnt see that have probably fucked you over in one way or another. you are so special <3.

delete2544 i love you baby you know i do :* you are so special to me and i wish you didnt quit since i found out it was matt who pinned it on you baby :(


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Queen BrittBritt
Sent by FighterMan,Jan 23, 2020
Tribe 1984 was HOT
Sent by pinkiepie512,Jan 23, 2020
Sent by Delete2544,Jan 23, 2020
pinkiepie512 LOL it really was :P
Sent by Thumper91,Jan 23, 2020
Sent by Delete2544,Jan 23, 2020
Sent by MisterGallbladder,Jan 23, 2020
Lov u
Sent by semajdude,Jan 23, 2020
Sent by M_Davis1998,Jan 23, 2020
Fucking queen
Sent by astone929,Jan 23, 2020
i can forgive u
get me a ten merge :P
Sent by Minniemax,Jan 23, 2020
Sent by mbarnish1,Jan 23, 2020
Queen shit <3 fire 🔥
Sent by Sameed27,Jan 23, 2020
Love you so much, Robbed Queen!! <3
Sent by NopalitoLegend01,Jan 23, 2020
I didn’t even merge once
Sent by boicam77,Jan 23, 2020
<3 congrats!
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