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  1. How many people can actually say
  2. +1 for survivor :)
  3. when you look me in the eyes
  4. when i order something on amazon
  5. I’m so thankful
  6. Cuz drunk me
  7. All I want for Christmas
  8. who wants to be friends :)
  9. Who wants to be friends :)
  10. I hate that Panera bread
  11. what color should i dye my hair?
  12. Nervous for my doctors appointment
  13. Pyn for opinion :)
  14. you can either hate me or love me
  15. omggg thank you love
  16. when you tell someone good morning
  17. Dev.
  18. when my guy literally tells me
  19. who wants to be friends :)
  20. my biggest weakness is
  21. when you feel kinda
  22. Check skype
  23. Feeling pretty down
  24. i honestly cant wait to
  25. getting into shape is probably
  26. Gift me kermit
  27. Thank yoy baby :*
  28. i take tengaged very seriously
  29. Honestly been doing so much better
  30. some people want it all
  31. do any of the shop owners
  32. when youre in the next room
  33. Omgggg thank you so much :)
  34. gift me the light brown ponytail pls :)
  35. how do you email
  36. When you’re at work and
  37. Drunk opinions pyn
  38. Don’t talk to me
  39. Imagine not being as innocent
  40. i put you first and you adored it,

who are the best youtubers to watch?

Nov 8, 2019 by Thumper91


Trisha Paytas
Sent by zachbbs,Nov 8, 2019
Sw00zie is great:)
Sent by spikedcurley,Nov 8, 2019

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