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  1. When you go through so many
  2. im ready for
  3. feeling alone is probably
  4. i need ts
  5. she's perfect
  6. You find out who is really there
  7. When your own family
  8. what season of big brother
  9. Does cliff still think
  10. did they do the veto yet?
  11. Who won hoh
  12. 8am at work this morning
  13. People be winning the raffle
  14. Gift me the blonde updo
  15. who is leaving tonight
  16. Remembering 9-11-01
  17. who won veto
  18. imagine being a
  19. late stars support
  20. S73100 STOLE
  21. When you’re at the bar
  22. christie got on my nerves
  23. gift me chanel please :)
  24. who won the veto?
  25. im literally probably the only person
  26. Drunk opinions pyn
  27. who wants to talk?
  28. you can not like someone
  29. and he said take my hand
  30. Someone on this site
  31. Who is the target
  32. What time does big brother come on
  33. Brandonpinzu is an icon
  34. I’d be jealous of
  35. Gift me bonnie
  36. Gift me Bonnie
  37. is season 3 of 13reasons why
  38. gift me bonnie
  39. Gift me blonde bonnie
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never in my life did i ever think

Aug 18, 2019 by Thumper91
id be in a position at work for no reason,
theres this girl at my work who is literally trying to start things with people
for no reason when she doesnt do her job
and feels like people are out to get her b/c of her race when its literally b/c she doesnt do her job
thats gonna be so awkward to work with her now since ive been nothing but nice to her
i feel bad for the 2 other people i work with that had to write statements for literally no reason just cause she cant take actually doing some work
lazy people at the finest


Work drama sucks
Sent by Scononduders,Aug 18, 2019
scononduders it is especially when they try to bring lies in to get someone into trouble even though like my manager has watched the cameras
Sent by Thumper91,Aug 18, 2019
oop lauren is it a black or ghetto hispanic?
Sent by ManniBoi,Aug 19, 2019
You’ve talked more in this blog than you have to me in all of our calls
Sent by crimsonteer,Aug 19, 2019
slap her
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 19, 2019

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