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  1. People still spend 300ts for stars
  2. I love Christopher so much
  3. Post more comments
  4. Post comments :)
  5. I’m ready for our red nose baby
  6. As I leave my house today
  7. Who wants the male smirk
  8. if you ever make someone feel stupid
  9. Comment :)
  10. cant believe less than 24 hours
  11. comment :)
  12. Omg my heart was truly filled
  13. Comment more comments :)
  14. 2 more days
  15. when you see red flags
  16. who won the veto?
  17. never in my life did i ever think
  18. Comment more questions:)
  19. omggg icon
  20. when someone knows you feel bad about something
  21. After watching last nights episode
  22. When you had a bad week
  23. who is the target tonight??
  24. Kinda over it
  25. cause youll always be my baby <3
  26. dont forget about our dart game
  27. When someone steals your lunch
  28. Maggie Ausburn is such an underrated
  29. Highest merge streak of 9= Done
  30. When I get to work
  31. Grilled cheeses are literally
  32. Tell me how I’m supposed to
  33. snap streaks <3
  34. Me being the sole person left
  35. i feel like if cliff made it to the finals
  36. I need advice ...
  37. imagine rigging hoh
  38. officially got approved
  39. Who does tg want evicted?
  40. I’ll never forget advice my grandpa

when youre up

Feb 12, 2019 by Thumper91
your friends know who you are,

when youre down,
you know who your friends are <3


Sent by DaddyDev,Feb 12, 2019
I love it
Sent by MarieEve,Feb 12, 2019

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