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  1. i saw an episode of catfish with this shy girl
  2. i hate hiccups
  3. his page is perfection <3
  4. I’m like a bird
  5. I hate zachbbs...
  6. if its meant to be
  7. Nic is one of the nicest people I know
  8. He made me better than I was before
  9. Can’t wait for the 85 degree weather
  10. I miss having someone
  11. ugh i love catfish
  12. anyone else having trouble with hq
  13. any fun apps on iphones?
  14. Definition of Hacking
  15. Yasss prayers were answered
  16. hoping for no work tomorrow
  17. I gotta move on now
  18. im so tired of people
  19. Wooo can’t wait for taxes to be lowered
  20. check snap
  21. jealousy is a disease
  22. king
  23. where is somewhere fun to travel to
  24. when does cbb start?
  25. omg thank you so much for the surprise :)
  26. i dont wanna work tonight :(
  27. what happened?
  28. The worst thing about being a girl
  29. 1 you’re like a dream come true
  30. Everyone deserves to be with someone
  31. I kissed a girl
  32. I love him
  33. Same shit new day
  34. I should just accept the fact that
  35. i love pink.
  36. Going back to school
  37. Do people really get hacked
  38. I wish y’all the best :)
  39. another day
  40. I’m straight

Who is

Jan 3, 2018 by Thumper91


Sent by harrywasnak,Jan 3, 2018
Hunter Wolfman
Sent by BengalBoy,Jan 3, 2018
Both of the above answers are correct
Sent by thewolfman,Jan 3, 2018

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