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Addressing the Trinity Concern

Jul 15, 2020 by ThisIsMyGame
So with the departure of Kmartt I feel comfortable explaining this situation a little better. I am making only this blog about it and nothing more. I am going to start this by saying we at TrinitEye Productions have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for racism, sexism, homophobia and bullying. Kai was someone who when we first casted them, we were decently happy with the choice. He had a good video, gave off good vibes, and he might of been younger but hey, what could go wrong?
Well, certain things were said that were of poor taste, and in Kai's defense he did delete what he said almost immediately but what he said should of not been said to begin with. There was discussion of possible removal for the thing said, and we did have an alt ready to come in, but ultimately decided against it. To the unnamed alt, I am sorry about what happened and we will see you after All-Stars. So, we decided to not remove him and let him be. He continued to say things of questionable taste, and eventually his tribe goes to tribal and votes him out. He then decides to contact them after the fact by spam calling them. We ask him to stop. He continues. It eventually ended.
Kai, you are young so I do not want to attack you. I encourage you to continue having civil discussions with people both in and out of this community to get a better understanding of what you are saying. I wish nothing but the best for your future and hope you take this experience and try to grow from it.


Lol I mean I messaged people obviously but i called Craig once
Sent by Kmartt,Jul 15, 2020
And obviously I overreacted
Sent by Kmartt,Jul 15, 2020

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