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Apr 11, 2016 by ThirdChild
and we've only had 13 quitters... 2 being from the same season. I think that's actually not that bad considering how many people have played...

1 Quit before the show started (Melissa)
1 Quit because family member dying (Jenna)
2 quit because of medical reasons, but was not an actual medical concern (Gary, Dana)
1 quit to give up their spot for another (Janu)
3 quit because they couldn't deal with the elements (Purple Kelly, NaOnka, Julie)
1 quit because he was "sick" and then quit again because he wasn't in control (Colton)
1 quit because she feared she'd fight another contestant (Lindsey)

and the rest I don't really know because I didn't watch their season.

And you could also include G.C. into this group because if his tribe didn't vote him out that night at tribal, he definitely would have quit before the next tribal.


Osten from Pearl Islands quit because of the elements, and kept asking his tribe to vote him out and Jeff got fed up with him and just snuffed his torch without a vote.

Kathy from Micronesia quit because her only allies, Chet and Tracey got placed on the other tribe during a tribe swap and she felt alone so she tried cutting her fingers with a machete to get med evac but Jeff came and let her quit instead.
Sent by Cornelia,Apr 11, 2016
oh and the final one was Susan from All Stars, when she raged at Jeff during an immunity or reward challenge because Richard was naked during the challenge to intimidate the other tribe to not try and attempt to pass him and she said he kept purposely rubbing against her with his dick out and she felt violated and because nothing was done by production she quit.
Sent by Cornelia,Apr 11, 2016

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