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  1. Happy birthday to my bestest friend!!!
  2. Good morning fam
  3. Why is it colehausman271 complaining?
  4. Met 3 of the great people on this site
  5. Thank you!!!
  6. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone
  7. The minie dictionary
  8. Why is everyone surprised that minie
  9. Just wanted to clear things up
  10. Wanna know what annoys me most about Minie?
  11. Wow I am finally on monthly rankers
  12. I love fake people in frookies?
  13. Saw birds of prey today and the movie was flawless
  14. I guess I missed the joke in nijoco videos
  15. Finally silver level
  16. Did I really just say this?
  17. whats with all the ass eating
  18. People complaining about the multis
  19. Hi fam good morning
  20. ok I don't understand
  21. PYN - I have fortune cookies
  22. Newest Brown Level
  23. I just find it funny
  24. I still feel offended with tarag
  25. Ok so I didn't know this
  26. Good morning fam
  27. PYN
  28. PYN for a opinion - All will be updated I promise
  29. Hi Fam
  30. I want to say something about Red
  31. RedFabFoxy
  32. Finally the nose is gone
  33. Hi besties love you
  34. Most stupidest thing I ever read
  35. who is this loser again?
  36. Is this vans guy a troll or a real person?
  37. me2013 is not even close to being like tarag
  38. Just wanted to say a quick hi to my besties
  39. Tara actually posted boob signs?
  40. Is Tara still talking about me?

Thank you!!!

6thFeb 14, 2020 by The_Kid

now who wants a arrow in the back to fall in love? lol

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