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Trinity Survivor SA - 2nd Place

Aug 27, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageFinishing in 2nd place tonight, with 3 votes out of 9 (Timmy, Michael, Chloe) is Evelyn!

Oh my GOD Evelyn, where to begin? I don't think I've been this impressed by a new player to orgs in quite a while! You applied for this on the recommendation of your former roommate (and Deception Island winner) Kevin with 0 knowledge of how the format of Survivor even works. I wasn't sure how you'd do but knew you'd be a fun part of this cast, but you proceeded to take my expectations and absolutely blow their brains out! You learned what to do and how to play REALLY quick and almost instantly positioned yourself into a spot where people would need you at all times. You had a ton of power from very early on but your biggest moment was at the merge boot, when you were the one who put together the extremely convoluted plan that ended up defining the direction of this merge! You became a bit of a villain in people's eyes but wore it well, slaying those who stood in your path and carving your way to finals. Tonight, the jury gave you a pretty hard time and you wound up falling just short of the win, but you were far and away one of the most important people on this season, and for your first org you made one of the strongest impressions I've seen in a LONG time and you should be VERY proud of the way you played this game!

Evelyn/ Evelyng99, thank you for playing!


Sent by noobsmoke13,Aug 27, 2020
Don't be ridiculous Julian, The last time you were this impressed at a player new at orgs was at me in Past & Present.
Sent by JesseHOH,Aug 28, 2020

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