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Trinity Survivor SA - 3rd Place

Aug 25, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageLast night, the final juror was decided swiftly after the challenge ended, and after a bit of discussion we said goodbye to Megan.

Megan, the journey to get you onto a season of Trinity has been a LONG one, with you having to drop from Deception Island last minute and missing Past & Present apps by a day. This season we made it happen, and I gotta say, this was definitely the right season for you to have been part of! Before the merge you played a bit more UTR but still took part in a huge blindside, but once the merge hit your game took a 180 at the merge tribal and you kicked it into high gear! With your move at 8, you launched yourself straight onto people's radars in glorious fashion and it lead to one of the most memorable moments of the season. I've known you're a very fun and exciting person since the first time I played with you, and you absolutely continued to show that here! You have been nothing short of a FORCE this season and now that you finally got the opportunity to play this, you played an awesome game!

Megan/@Nutmeggie, thank you for playing!


is it too late to cancel the season
Sent by maturo,Aug 25, 2020

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