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Trinity Survivor SA - 4th Place

Aug 23, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageIn a season of firsts, we add another one to the list as Trinity Survivor sees it's first FMC. It came down between Jesse and Rachael, and in the end Rachael came out victorious, sending Jesse to the jury.

Jesse was the last person to apply for this season, and one of the 4 this season sent our way by an alumni held in high regard, this time being Nick G from Twilight Town. Jesse, I have not seen a more dominant and masterful game of Survivor in AGES. Your slick game of taking out or, as you put it, SLICING anyone you needed to while having your ass covered on every angle was insane to watch and when they finally figured you out at the F6, you had allies willing to go to rocks for you AND an idol for if things went south which you enter up using to make the biggest move of the season. Your game was one of legend and, even though this is the end for you in Trinity tonight, I'm so happy to have had you on this season!

Jesse/ Jessefurst, thank you for playing!


the best person did just get 4th
Sent by J2999,Aug 23, 2020

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