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Trinity Survivor SA - 9th Place

18thAug 9, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageTwo Safety without Powers and an extra vote were played tonight, resulting in a grand total of 19 votes being cast tonight, tying the record for most votes at 1 tribal with the first every tribal of the series. The 2nd person eliminated tonight, with the 2nd most votes, was Oli.

Oli, I've known you for years now and have always known you to be a stellar gameplayer. I knew that you'd do well in this season, and you proved me absolutely right. You brought the HEAT both at tribals and with your gameplay, you weren't afraid to show your cards and the level of power you really had this season. Tonight you join the Robbed By A Twist club, but I want to thank you for playing and welcome you to Ponderosa, judging by your parting words I'm sure we're in for a fun time on finale night when we see you again!

Oli/ MrPokeGuy9, thank you for playing!


Thank you Julian, Keaton, Jack, Zee & Timmy for an amazing game.

I enjoyed playing and thank you for hosting and maybe it will be fun finale, or it will be a fun ponderosa, you鈥檒l just have to wait and see 馃槈馃檹馃徎馃檹馃徎馃檹馃徎
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Aug 9, 2020
Sent by nikw98,Aug 9, 2020
Oli is in my club <3
Sent by noobsmoke13,Aug 9, 2020
Welcome to the 9th place club
Sent by RedsKanto,Aug 10, 2020

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