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Trinity Survivor SA - 14th Place

Aug 3, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageThis was double tribal round! Since Leeukop's immunity winner finished faster than Duiwelspiek's, Dui attended tribal first and said goodbye to one of the most polarizing people to play this game, Billy.

Billy, you've been one of the main people I've wanted to get a real shot at this series ever since Atl*ntis sunk in like 2018, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw your app here! You spent this game messing with people and pissing them off but were still a huge figurehead in events that have taken place this season. You were the king of the premerge but I'm sorry to say your South Africa journey ends here. As always, you were a blast to watch though!

Billy/ Rocker917, thank you for playing!


Will I ever win an Org? probably not. Will I always enjoy pissing people off and purposely messing with them and derailing their trains of thought to cause chaos, even if its bad for my game? Always.
Sent by Rocker917,Aug 3, 2020
Icon rocker917 <3
Sent by Macda27,Aug 3, 2020
tho Julian i really do thank you for the opportunity to play again
TheSexiestDude990 I've been trying for years now to get back into your game and tho it didn't quite go the way I wanted I feel I fulfilled myself by finally getting to be a Trinity Player. I appreciate all you and your prod have done and the effort yall put in to make the game for us. Thank you for being such a gracious host <3
Sent by Rocker917,Aug 3, 2020

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