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Trinity Survivor SA - 16th Place

Jul 29, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageTonight the Duiwelspiek tribe went to their first tribal as a swapped tribe. Things got a bit messy and we saw another power pop but at the end we said goodbye to our 2nd vet, Nik.

Nik, as the victim of the most iconic and memorable tribal in this series' history, you were probably the most obvious choice for a return this season. I know how bad you wanted redemption and would stop at nothing to meet your goals. You played hard and fast and your game kinda caught up to you tonight but that's not to discredit you at all, you played a great game for your short time in here. Thank you for returning!!!

Nik/ Nikw98, thank you for playing!


oh jesus... gross
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