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20thMar 2, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageFinishing in 2nd place tonight, with 1 of the total 9 jury votes, Robert!

Robert, I knew I had to have you on this season as soon as I saw you were back on TG. I do not regret flying straight into your mails and getting you to apply. You weren't even familiar with the concept of ORGs before this but you jumped in headfirst and you reminded me and everyone else why you are a LEGEND in my group game series as well as games in general. You came into a format you knew nothing about and worked the hell out of your social game, making it to FTC almost completely effortlessly but you were just not able to convince the jury tonight. You've always been one of my favorite people to host and I'm so glad you gave me one more opportunity to cast you almost 5 years later.

Robert/ BboyRobert, thank you for playing!

Sent by Singsongers,Mar 2, 2020
馃挅   T H A T ' S   A   K I N G   馃挅

馃挅   W E   S T A N   T A L E N T   馃挅
Sent by Aquamarine,Mar 2, 2020

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