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15thMar 2, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageThe winner was just revealed a bit ago! In 3rd place, receiving 0 jury votes tonight, was Zee.

Zee, hot damn this is not what I expected at all. Day 1 you fucked up harder than I've ever seen anyone fuck up before, and it did cost you a couple votes, but you bounced back hard and fast. You got your shit in gear after that misstep and you were able to avoid having your name written down a single time for the rest of the season after that. Your strategic game was very strong but unfortunately you were unable to get the jury on your side tonight and finished admittedly a bit short of where I felt you were going to. Regardless, you played a great game so don't get down on yourself over this!

Zee/ iAyeEye, thank you for playing!


bad 3rd place finisher
should've won
Sent by maturo,Mar 2, 2020
A king
Sent by noobsmoke13,Mar 2, 2020
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maturo - Thanks, Joe.
Sent by iAyeEye,Mar 3, 2020

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