Big Brother and online Hunger games.


11thSep 12, 2019 by TheSexiestDude990
imageKaitul's first tribal council has finished, and after a unanimous vote (including himself) we say goodbye to Julian.

This is the part where I would do a short write-up of his time in the game but he hasn't been online since the game began unfortunately. Hopefully things are ok with him!

Julian/ Shanedawson12345, thank you for signing up!


Inactive king
Sent by rory17,Sep 12, 2019
True winner of the season
Sent by rodrigueseve,Sep 12, 2019
why does he have a gif of me on his profile, like wtf
Sent by EmzThorne,Sep 12, 2019
Inactive king in Trinity Mementos AND Livingston's Chile.
Sent by noobsmoke13,Sep 13, 2019

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