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Trinity Survivor NB - 10th Place

11thJun 12, 2019 by TheSexiestDude990
imageWhat can I say about tonight's boot? He was a fireball who brought the heat every chance he could and spiced things up, but tonight the flame was doused on JJ's game, as well as his torch.

JJ started out on the dominant Sanma tribe and, like Darcy, lucked out on the tribe swap and was one of the last 2 people to attend a tribal. The second swap messed up his game a bit, with his 2 closest allies going out back to back right before the merge on his tribe. Once the merge hit, he was somewhat ostracized due to his temperament and, after losing immunity, the cast took the opportunity to take him out unanimously.

JJ/ RaverKid, thank you for playing!

JJ has recorded goodbye messages for the cast:


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