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Skype Game and Special Game History

Jun 5, 2015 by TheRealSlimShady
Skype Games:-

Tots's Survivor Austrailia - 10th
- Was in losing tribe
- Came into merge with a few allies
- Host disapeared, I got bored, when host returned I started fuckin around, got voted out

Tot's Survivor Africa - 1st
- Had a strong pre-merge alliance
- My whole alliance (minus the guy i trusted the least) were switched in a tribe switch
- Made a new alliance, my old allies were picked off on the other tribe
- At merge there were two alliances, I was part of both.
- Voted with one alliance in first merge council and then went back to the other.
-Won f5 and f4 immunity
- Had f2 deals with both people in f3
-Made end with a friend and won Jury vote 6-3

Tot's Survivor Marquesas - 2nd
- Was in two alliances pre-merge
- Stuck to one mainly, but flipped to get the biggest threat on original alliance out
- At merge, I had many different allies.
- Controlled every vote to an extent
- Always voted out the person who went home
- Did not receive a single vote
- Backstabbed a lot of close allies
- Won f4 and f3 immunity
- Lost jury vote 5-4 (One juror voted for the other finalist and wanted to change but the host did not allow it)

Simon's I Love Money- 9th
- Had strong allies
- New format so screwed up the vote
- Got voted off and lost challenge to come back

Bernel's Big Brother 1 - 1st
- Had an f4
- Two of the f4 flipped on me and a friend so i flipped to the other 2 people in the game after my friend was evicted
- Made f2
- Won jury 3-2

Tot's Big Brother 1 - 1st
- Had a solid f2 from day 1
-My F2 had strong alliances with everyone while i kept solid bonds with a few people
- Made F2 with him and hoped for bitter jurors
-Nominated 3 times (Twice veto'ed off and survived my one vote 4-3)
-3 HOH's and 3 POV's
- Won Jury vote 4-2

Tot's Survivor All-stars - 4th
- Was a surprise twist on exile island
- Came into the game at about f14
- Only went to one pre-merge tribal
- Played UTR
- Stayed loyal to my main alliance ( mainly, even tho i tried to switch it up a couple of times)
- Got betrayed by the person I least expected to get betrayed by
- Lost Firemaking challenge

Jermin's Big Brother 2 - 4th
- Not a single group alliance, just one and one relationships
- At Final 6 there were 2 pairs, broke up both pairs in the next two evictions
- Final 4 go evicted by the veto holder who i hadnt spoken to yet :(

Special games:-
Target Frookies

-Knew almost everyones target by final 12
- Was allies with most of the cast
-Attempted to manipulate situations so that people who had me targetted would go out (11th,8th,7th,6th)
- Lost at final 4
- Had the same target all game, took him out at final 5

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