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May 9, 2015 by TheRealSlimShady
When did Dan say anything misogynistic?


.......have you watched the season?
Sent by __A__,May 9, 2015
He said that he gonna slap Shirin.
Sent by Prada,May 9, 2015
__A__ I mean I remember things he's said against shirin, but nothing against females in general. Am I missing something or is everyone just calling him misogynistic cause he was against the castaway they like the most
Sent by TheRealSlimShady,May 9, 2015
I would say that any man saying a woman needs to be slapped is misogynistic, also his comments from earlier about how to talk to women
Sent by __A__,May 9, 2015
__A__ did he say that just about shirin? Or women in general? Also the way he said to talk to women was more of his take on social strategy rather than just being misogynistic
Sent by TheRealSlimShady,May 9, 2015

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