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Survivor Rankings Ep - 10

Apr 28, 2015 by TheRealSlimShady
8) Shirin ( It may not be her that I don't like and more the fans who think she's playing a perfect game. Completely overrating her and thinking that she could do no wrong but its starting to get on my nerves way too much )

7) Carolyn ( Not really getting much screen time and all her screen time now is just her making negative comments about other people, she's playing a good game but her social game is lacking, Jenn and Shirin both don't seem to like her at all)

6) Will ( While he is hilarious, he did go too far with the personal comments, he's not really playing the game and is just a huge goat at this point )

5) Tyler ( He is playing an incredible game, even though he is boring he is playing probably the best game he can )

4) Rodney (Great, smart player, playing a great strategic game and manipulated the situation against Mike perfectly)

3) Dan (Funny as hell, especially his sound effects. He got that extra vote and his edit is becoming slightly more positive, social game lacks at times but he's not the worst)

2) Mike ( Just great as a player, he had a bad couple of days but he'll be able to recover. Also in my opinion the most likely winner)

1) Sierra ( Cute as fuck, from the bottom of my last ranking to the top of this one. When she had a choice to go with emotions or a strategic choice she chose strategy and therefore I have tons of respect for her. Since then she's just been the most level headed and even in the Shirin-Will conflict she was able to have a completely neutral viewpoint.)


1) Sierra ( Cute as fuck
Sent by 1ry99,Apr 28, 2015
Shirin might be overhyped.. idk but your rankings are shit dude LOL smh
Sent by cjuddy,Apr 28, 2015

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