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  1. Jesus, designs are cheap these days
  2. I sometimes wonder
  3. Hi
  4. I remember when shop prices were over 1k per..
  5. + If you hate tengaged
  6. + if you like Tengaged
  7. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh
  8. who else thinks
  9. New rune system. SO much fun
  10. my phone screen just shattered in my pocket. rip
  11. Dear citizens of Tengaged I have heard your..
  12. pm me for stars support
  13. PYN
  14. A picture's worth a thousand words
  15. Hello fellow Tengagers
  16. ive been here over 7 years and i still dont know..
  17. If you're antisocial and you know it plus this..
  18. Tell me something about yourself
  19. Who was in my room last night
  20. I Think
  21. uhh
  22. I'm back
  23. + if your name is Gaius
  24. Hello
  25. You have such intelligent thoughts
  26. Your blogs make me happy
  27. You look great when you wake up!
  28. I like your shirt!
  29. I love what you're doing with your hair
  30. You've got a beautiful voice
  31. I think you're really smart
  32. You look great today :)
  33. Hope you're having a great day
  34. whatever it was you did
  35. Hello, fellow kids
  36. Well that was fun
  37. I wanna meet some tengagers
  38. It's my birthday tomorrow (y)
  39. I love you
  40. 12 Days.

If you're antisocial and you know it plus this blog!

Aug 17, 2017 by TheRealMessiah


Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Aug 17, 2017
I always come so close to plussing your blogs
Sent by marrrss,Aug 17, 2017

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