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Easter Egg Hunt!

Mar 31, 2013 by ThePinnapleGod
I have enough money to gift the Pokemon Hoodie or the Blue/White shirt thing. First to get to the finish line of my clue hunt can take it.

Go to user gen. designs.
Go to the top listed design.
Go to the 2nd commenter.
Go to his/her 2nd friend
Go to his/her frat.
Go to the last person with 20 stars.
Go to his/her first friend
Go to his/her first blog
Go to the 4th commenters page
Go to his first game
Go to the 10th placer
Go to the gifter of his/her first design
Go to the most recent friend.
Go to his most recent blog
Comment I WIN, AND I WANT (insert design)


no gifter......
Sent by DaBOMB,Mar 31, 2013
Huh I got devonthud34...
Sent by TBIbetch,Mar 31, 2013
same  there is no gifter to him pineapple :(
Sent by DaBOMB,Mar 31, 2013
Sent by brookie_cookie,Mar 31, 2013

let me recheck
Sent by ThePinnapleGod,Mar 31, 2013
Sent by peace123,Mar 31, 2013
do i win bc i got to devon first? :)
Sent by DaBOMB,Mar 31, 2013
Sent by Delarmes,Mar 31, 2013
oops hold on let me reword it.
Sent by ThePinnapleGod,Mar 31, 2013
Sent by ThePinnapleGod,Mar 31, 2013

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