Big Brother and online Hunger games.


16thApr 5, 2019 by TheOtherChick
im so sad i was so excited to get my first gifts from my bestie from college vanityhigh and mean old vanili stole my design and now im really sad i really wanted those overalls because i am #TeamOveralls in the great idealistic debate Overalls vs Coveralls , tengaged is so mean sometimes!


im so sorry :(
Sent by Kelly0412,Apr 5, 2019
so sad this happened to u diane :(
Sent by Halloween,Apr 5, 2019
its with 2 ns Halloween
thank you next.
Sent by TheOtherChick,Apr 5, 2019
we will be supporting you through these tough times
Sent by mathboy9,Apr 5, 2019
Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Sent by macken,Apr 5, 2019
I would do it all over again 馃檭 dumb idiots hacking accounts
Sent by Vanili,Apr 5, 2019

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