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Jun 3, 2018 by TheOmen

12 NEW houseguests get their keys!!
Billy Bob gets his at his local Nazi meeting!
Esmeralda got her cleaning a white woman's toilet!
Muhammad got his planning a shooting!
Lil Opioid got his doing some crack!
KiAna got her collecting unemployment benefits!
Jeff got his snuffing a UTR1 female's torch!
X got his listening to Welcome To The Black Parade!
Kris got her during a "FREE MY BOOBIES" rally!
Miss Vanjie got her during a gig!
Rose got her from one of her cat's!
Ami got her during a yacht
Roseanne got her from Sara Gilbert

Julie lets all the houseguest into the house.

The theme for the house is a fast food resturant. Billy Bob makes a joke saying "only black people work at McDonald's." KiAna flips out on him and calls him a C--T!

Billy Bob calls her the N word and the two have fist fight!! X and Lil Opioid breaks up the fight! Esmeralda cleans up the blood from their faces!

Julie informs the house that 4 vets are going into the game! The door bell rings!

Matt from BB19 and Willie from BB14 walk in! The houseguests don't know who they are while Chiara from BB3 and Lori from BB5 walk in! No one says anything!

The houseguests then are told to go into the backyard! Julie tells them they are playing in teams! Each vet picks 3 players!!!

Team Matt: X, Esmeralda and Kris
Team Willie: Billy Bob, Roseanne and Ami
Team Lori: Muhammad, Rose and Jeff
Team Chiara: Miss Vanjie, Lil Opioid and KiAna

The houseguests also learn that someone will be going home during this episode! They also learn that the VETS are immune for the week!

The competition is called "Order Up" Each team will have food trays whoever gets the most trays stacked after 20 minutes wins safety and HoH! The last place team will be up for eviction!

The competition begins! Each team is even but Big Brother decides to douse the players with MUSTARD AND KETCHUP, the same props from BB12!! Rose slows down for team Lori and they fall behind. Meanwhile, X gets inspiration from MCR and pulls his team ahead.

Miss Vanjie uses the condiments as lube and fingers herself causing their team to fall behind but luckily KiAna powered through along with Chiara.

Billy Bob and Roseanne used great communication talking in Jim Crow to get their team ahead.

After 20 minutes the results came in!

The winning team is Team Matt! His team is immune for eviction! Since he was already immune, Matt picks the first HoH! He chooses X!

The team that finished last was Team Lori! That means Jeff, Rose and Muhammad are up for eviction!

The three nominated HouseGuests plead their cases! Rose packed her bags as she tought she would go home. Jeff tells everyone to make BIG MOOVZ and take out Muhammad. Muhammad threatens everyone that ISIS would kill their families if they evict hm!

One by one each houseguest vote! Lori can't vote unless its a tie! Each HG must say why!

Ami: I vote to evict Rose because she's old and smelly

Billy Bob: I vote to evict Muhammad cuz Murica and hes not white

Esmeralda: voto para desalojar a Jeff. él trabaja llegad HES sucio

KiAna: I vote to evict that creepy survivor guy Jeff! He smiles too damn much!

Kris: I vote to evict Muhammed, ISIS treat women badly!

Lil Opioid: I'm high as fuck, jeff cool I vote him haha skert wa wa 21, KODAK!

Miss Vanjie: I vote to evict Rose sorry gurl you too old for all this.. miss vanjie....

Roseanne: I evict the ISIS GUY he kills people like my friend DJT

X: I evict Jeff because he's already rich and im not and this gets my feelings down!

Chiara: I evict Jeff becuase hes a threat!

Matt: I vote to evict Muhammad because he reminds me of Jason

Willie: I vote to evict Jeff cause he hate my brother the KiNg Of SuRvIvoR rUsSeLl HaNtz

Juile comes on the screen...

With 2 votes to evict.. Rose is safe... By a vote of 6-4, Jeff you are evicted from the BB house!

Jeff cries and whines and leaves! Jeff's photo goes to black and white!

Julie gathers everyone back to the living room to enjoy the summer and good luck and good night!

The credits roll with Billy Bob saluting hitler, roseanne eating an apple and X crying because he can listen to MCR!

End of epiosde 1.

PYN to be TAGGED! (here are people who may want to read)

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#casting #bb20


omg please tag me
Sent by MizCrackHead,Jun 3, 2018
not being funny this is a shit series

its so unrealistic
Sent by Lorielle,Jun 3, 2018

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