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2ndMar 13, 2019 by TheLightIsComing
Today I came to talk about something sad, out of this world of reality show; 16th of January of this year, my mother passed away, yes, I'm not joking. My life changed completely, she was the only person I had in life, consequently my best friend... I went away because I had days that I really thought I would not be able to survive, but I have discovered a huge force, I do not know where this force comes from, but I remain firm,obviously I miss her a lot, there are days that I cry a lot, there are days I can not breathe, but I try to be strong for her, she was always very strong... It took me a few days to say something or even to answer friends, I was not prepared, I do not really know if I am, but I'm doing it. The great truth is that watching your mother die is the worst pain you can feel in your life, cherish your mother, say love you, HUG YOUR MOM EVERYTHING YOU FEEL LIKE TO DO THIS, do not be ashamed, I never had, maybe that made me strong, knowing that I was a great daughter, and she a great mother,I do not want you to feel sorry for me, life is like this, made of good times and bad, and I'm very grateful to have had the best mother in the world, and it will always be present in my heart.

Sorry for the disappearance, I promise to respond and interact whenever I can, I love you all carriexoxo24xo tarag paul028 @redyulkion thirteen itsalexia fetish underwzc ak73 saskiarae

with love, Maria

*i'm so sorry for the bad English, I decided to write in the translator because there are MANY things.


I hope you are okay. I’m here for you
Sent by maturo,Mar 13, 2019
Love u Maria so much <3333333333
Sent by 2388,Mar 13, 2019
*hugs* I am so sorry Maria :(
Sent by TaraG,Mar 13, 2019
I wondered whatever happened to you. Sorry to hear for your troubles in life.
Sent by Thirteen,Mar 13, 2019
Aww, Maria :( I hope your okay <3
Sent by paul028,Mar 13, 2019
sorry to hear :/ <3
Sent by ak73,Mar 13, 2019
Awwww I’m sorry. :(
Sent by pinkiepie512,Mar 13, 2019
have gone through this too, much love to you <3 you are very strong
Sent by malachite05,Mar 14, 2019
Aww ilysm Maria you’re honestly such a strong woman. I’m so greatful to call you my friend you’re such a kind and beautiful person inside and out I love you and I’m always here for you <33
Sent by SaskiaRae,Mar 14, 2019
praying for you and ur family
Sent by Hash,Mar 14, 2019
Sorry for your loss :(
Sent by damo1990,Mar 14, 2019 so sorry my heart it torn ;____; ily so much never forget that <3 may ur mother rest in peace
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Mar 14, 2019

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