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The Nano's NewsPaper Episode 4: NanoNerd

Oct 17, 2020 by TheLeon
Hi guys, I'm Leon and I'm here again to spice things up here, we already had the first elimination of the sixth season and unfortunately it was our dear Witos ( Weetmaster) who left the show in a dispute against Austin ( ALiteralPotato) and I sent the questions to our chat with the eliminated, but today I have an amazing guest, the creator of Nano's Big Brother and also my boss, Ryan ( NanoNerd)

Welcome to my coffee and I hope you enjoy this program and especially that you come here several times.

Leon: You are the great host of the show and I wanted to know what led you to create the program and also if you thought that we would have six seasons?

Ryan: I planned on making more than one season, but I didn’t know if I would make it to Season 6! But it looks like I made it that far! I just love doing this and it just puts a lot of happiness in my life. I find it as an excellent way to pass my time, and it’s helped me learn how to organize things in life, what with planning the schedule and everything.

Leon: I confess that I followed the seasons since the beginning and I could say that I always had my favorites ... Forgetting the sixth season for now, would you be able to list the best moments of all seasons?

Ryan: Well I would have to say my favorite moment from each season would be crowning the winner. There isn’t anything that can beat that! :)

Leon: What was your biggest challenge so far?

Ryan: I’d say dealing with people who want to quit the game. If I remove someone from the game before they’re evicted, my schedule gets all messed up. I usually try to convince the quitters that not to quit by telling them “they can’t quit”. It’s not the most moral method, but it works.

Leon: Speaking realistically and going to a participant side, I could see that most of the luck tests I did very well and now speaking as the program's interviewer, do you like luck tests?

Ryan: Yes and no. Luck comps are very easy to come up with, but if there are too many of them, the players accuse the game of being rigged. I would never rig my game, because where’s the fun in doing that? I try to keep the luck comps to a minimum, but sometimes I won’t have any other good comp ideas and I won’t have a choice.

Leon:I believe that many creators of reality groups are discouraged around the walk because of people who usually have the habit of putting others down, at some point you thought about giving up?

Ryan: Well, I did threaten to stop the game in Season 1 after being accused of rigging a competition, and I did take some breaks during Season 3, but ultimately I never wanted to just abandon my game! It’s brought a lot of joy to me and I put a lot of effort into it!

I greatly appreciate your participation in the program, I wish you all the luck in the world and we have many seasons ahead of us, we are happy for what you have provided us with.

Guys, in the next program we will have our first eliminated from the sixth season and we will also have the presence of the fifth season participant Brian ( FireX). Send Questions, please...

Until the next people.



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