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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I have to bloody make a list

13thSep 23, 2017 by TheKingsniffer
of some of the most deluded and retarded people on this site it's crazy how they think they are good and can test the king the best to ever play the game.

shadowman just a puppet loser
scratte aka @SkooterEYZ aka lasvegas One of the most deluded stupid retarded hags I've ever met in my life honestly disabled. Hacker multi cheating retard
roshy deluded double standard retard and he loves curry
jarrett puppet slut
finn315 copy and paste alliance strategy whore
Crayadian bloody loser
heatherlum read more books sado
WannaBeeFriends copy and paste alliance?
cswaggerr freak
tonyalbright bloody sado
ohheydudeski dumb whore
petro can't join a game without a premade
Hisoka blind whore
FrozenShadow09 a million accounts hag
asz9191 cry baby
Sam_Hamwich trash
obey_me So retarded it's insane
question dumb whore easy to trick + anorexic cheers hisoka

The list bloody goes on but that's all I can bloody think of for now


peace123 whore
Sent by immaxyman,Sep 23, 2017
why isnt immaxyman on this list
Sent by peace123,Sep 23, 2017
lol I'm not lasvegas LOL, lasvegas is bryce.

pls just be quiet you retard
Sent by Scratte,Sep 23, 2017
why isnt question on this list thats the better question
Sent by Hisoka,Sep 23, 2017
randomize Please ban this pathetic piece of crap
Sent by obey_me,Sep 23, 2017
You’re obsessed
Sent by tonyalbright,Sep 23, 2017
Hisoka im surprised you are cooperation with this, only cause i nommed you in frookies doesn't mean you should let him talk like that, it's not right man .
Sent by Question,Sep 23, 2017
randomize yes, please ban TheKingSniffer omfg
Sent by Shadowman,Sep 23, 2017
him and vibe girl were at it again last night. She is vile just like him. But its all good. he is just pissed that we got him and his trashy side kick out
Sent by heatherlum,Sep 23, 2017
How did I not make this list?  lmao
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Sep 26, 2017

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