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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

These little peasants in stars

17thNov 4, 2015 by TheKingsniffer
These little idiot rats, Mearl is a obsess freak, he said some weird crap, ima quote mearl
"I will continue to use all three to continue this quest if you give me another chance."
What the hell is this kid on about, some bloody quest, bra all u do is click buttons this ain't no adventure time udders home slice, he bloody acting like pressing buttons is a quest, homie nah.

Then bloody alanb1 ima use his freaky quote to:
"I have played my heart out desperately wanting to win this game."
What the fa? Is you on drugs, why the fa u talking like this is one life or death situation, u clicked some buttons and say you played ur life out, homie ur a drug addict.



People describing how I play in stars
Sent by ninjohn,Nov 5, 2015
Do you ever, like, shut the fuck up?
Sent by MarthaSpeaks,Oct 27, 2017

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