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I apologize for the hair that hasn't been cut since I started college and the pimple on my lip.  Also if you are wondering I skipped speach therapy when I was in elementary school because I didn't think it was cool

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NOMMED FOR 11TH Nov 9, 2021
Now this cast is actually blowing my mind.  They make me speechless every. single. dc.  I have been in a set 3 out of the 6 days and I am genuinely curious of what these people think is going to happen when me and donny are evicted and they have to target each other.  Even though Dylan is still obsessed I've realized I need to switch my targets to all the delusional people who can't listen to decent reasoning.

GL donny!

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so apparently it’s good game play Nov 7, 2021
to nom the person who doesn’t know anyone to have enough info to make a legit set.  i don’t know if i think the house nomming a person who waited for a set is scarier, or if mmba’s obsession with me in the house chat is scarier.  If I stay in this game I will fight my hardest to make sure a boring dc and lackluster gameplay doesn’t happen like this again.  I have my eyes set on a target, and Im ready to stir up the house and bring the drama to get what I want. #stars

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i love each and every save I get, and appreciate everyone who supports me in this game so much :)
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Brady’s Survivor Indonesia: Lampu Tribe Oct 14, 2021
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The Official Stars support blog Aug 14, 2021
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THE LIES May 28, 2021
that tyleror is spreading about my tribe tonight is despicable! honestly it’s just disgusting!

tyleror 12 min ago
buttercup baby dont comment on the changui blog <3 theyre evil

buttercup13 do not believe the u true things being spread about us by this absolute VILLIAN!
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