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I am tasked with creating

Feb 10, 2018 by TheJohnny
something creative that represents me on a 8 by 12 piece of paper. Come up with ideas of what I can do with a blank paper. Best idea gets a gift. I have over 2000 ts.
EDIT: This is serious. No racism


the isis flag
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Feb 10, 2018
u look like etienne :D
Sent by Philip13,Feb 10, 2018
well i don't know what would represent you but maybe use some african adinkra smbols?
Sent by Philip13,Feb 10, 2018
the american flag
Sent by Electric,Feb 10, 2018
a pink sky over san gimignano on a hill surrouned by colorful what?
Sent by Philip13,Feb 10, 2018
Sent by Philip13,Feb 10, 2018
Hmm. can like just picture what the people next to you and stuff would become one day.
2.10 things you wanna do before you die.
3/write few line about people you like
4.make a scrap of your favourite tengaged avatars.
5.write down songs u need to download.
6.write something about yourself
7.resolutions of places you wanna go article about how yourlife changed or what impact tengaged has made on you.
10.write down the bad things that has happened in yourself and burn it. And for get it forever.
11.write down foods from different parts of the earth u wanna eat
12.write about your parents!
13.write down the most memorable dreams in your life.
I actually reallyneed this.
Sent by rishabkumar,Feb 10, 2018

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