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Ok ive got to say this sorry

Jan 3, 2018 by TheEclipse
Ok steve u think i fucking lied about being kicked out a bar like im an attention seeker? U really are a dumb bitch because first of all, why the fuck would i ever make shit like that up, second of all, u never even spoke to me about it or heard details and u are quick to assume its fake. Sorry hun but i dont need to fake having a social life cuz i actually have one unlike u because according to ur comments, the concept of leaving your house BAFFLES you. So maybe instead of accussing people of lying when u dont know anything at a time when im not here to defend myself, you should take a bath cuz we know ur ass hasnt left the house and the only time u do is to fuck guys on grindr and complain to everyone about how all white people are racist. Get a real education while ur at it because even though i jokingly act like a 13 year old on here, ur iq is lower than any 13 year old ive ever met xoxo


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