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Jan 5, 2014 by TheBirdie
Okay so I'm writing this as I play it because there is almost no inacts and it seems interesting!!

Okay! So far Yates has been evicted for being a threat! Also Dreamer342 has been nommed twice but has been saved and is becoming more of a threat each time.. We think that AwesomeJoshua and Dream are in an alliance so we're trying to nom them, but their alliance is by far bigger than my alliance of 3, well 4 including an ali through private messaging. Now @bradyspaulding15 was nommed against MisterKingOfTheWorld 4-7, Mister is likely going home. Brady however, was the one who revealed an alliances chatzy, lets see how that works out ;). Brady was evicted. The competition is getting more intense as alliances begin to unravel, I've gotten 3 desperate private messages from people for an alliance! Dreamer and Josh yet again are nommed, this time one for good, and my gut feeling is It's Dreamer! Dreamer was evicted, one threat gone. MisterKingOfTheWorld, was just evicted for being a threat, I didn't see him as one and planned on going to F3 with him as a back up :/. renan29 and AwesomeJosh are nommed, this is Josh's 2nd time and is most likely going home for being in a big alliance and he's a semi POV threat. Josh was evicted. Now charli36 was evicted for being a threat, Renan was nommed with her for his 2nd time. Yet again, Renan is nommed, this time against SneakYBeN. Shockingly, SneakYBeN was evicted, meanwhile Renan still stays in the game as an inact... SparkleSara you got 7th but you played a really good game, and your chatzy was leaked at the last minute which sucked :/ sorry. superbman22 You played a good game but not voting aidanmac22 is what costed you it :/ I tried to help you but you declined the offer. Next out were just 2 in actives, renan29 and aidanmac22 .

FINAL 3 ~ TheBirdie sebastian89 AlexRenee
WE ALL PLAYED AN AWESOME GAME! I wasn't sure if I could trust you guys at first, because it just seemed too good! But we nommed right and we played a decently clean game and I'm proud to say that I think #GAME107896 was my funnest game I've played by far. I hope we get to play together another time :)


congrats on f3 :)
Sent by PSULucky,Jan 5, 2014
Thank you PSULucky :)
Sent by TheBirdie,Jan 5, 2014

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