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  9. GAME #107752 ~ MY 4TH GAME!
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GAME #107752 ~ MY 4TH GAME!

Jan 3, 2014 by TheBirdie
15th- Bullsfan0514 Inact :(
14th- NickyBooo12 ^
13th- bamold1999 ^
12th- DaniD You were a threat, so we had to evict you!
11th- Coco2846 You were inact, which I'm glad because I didn't want us to have 4 people from the same frat going against each other, hello back dooring!
10th- renan29 Sorry that you were evicted :( you weren't on my alliance!
9th- BeautyLiciousInsider I can't believe you got evicted, I'm writing this as I play. I'm probably fucked! Omg :( I'm so sorry!
8th- @lovelaughsing I'm so... Omg, I'm so screwed! I'm sorry :( I should've been strategizing more.
7th- Ednutters Welp idk how I didn't go.....
6th- Me, done with this post lol.


suggestion i used to do really well in fastings

try to get a chatzy with 4 other people before the game starts

and make a final 3 deal with 2 of those people near the beginning of the game

and be nice to everyone in pms

and u can usually make finals :D

gl thebirdie
Sent by Qwertyioup,Jan 3, 2014
Thanks :) Qwertyioup
Sent by TheBirdie,Jan 3, 2014

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