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  1. 1st gift? Maybe?
  2. American Idol!
  3. Hair cut today!
  4. Gifts?
  5. Tributes!
  6. Awesome Game Guys!
  7. Just got F3 again in Fasting!
  9. GAME #107752 ~ MY 4TH GAME!
  10. GAME #107743 ~ MY 3RD GAME!
  11. GAME #107689 ~ MY 2ND GAME!
  12. GAME #107682 ~ MY 1ST GAME!

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1st gift? Maybe? Jan 16, 2014
Anybody want to be my first gifter lol?
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American Idol! Jan 15, 2014
Who's going to be watching tonight :D?
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Hair cut today! Jan 12, 2014
Getting rid of my long bieberish hair, going with the new bieber style lmfao #CopyCatNotReallyIHadItFirst
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Gifts? Jan 11, 2014
All these people have loads of gifts, how do I acquire such things?
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Tributes! Jan 8, 2014
TRIBUTES #108119

15th- BurninKu5h Alliance vote! Sorry, I really didn't know anything about you.
14th- DjEmoji I have no idea what happened here. We had a huge alliance and someone vote against you. :/ Sorry girl!
13th- frenchy1212 We were in a really small alliance. My bigger one told everyone to evict you but I didn't. But, they had the majority. Sorry!
12th- kewlguy789 I didn't know anything about you ethier. Alliance vote! Sorry.
11th- ryan_young16 Sorry :/ Same thing. ^^
10th- hey1234 You we're inac and I'm impressed you made it final ten.
9th- @mradamman1 You were inac too.
8th- rodger1234 You were really the only active left you wasn't in our alliance. Sorry!
7th- zach3223 Sorry zach :/ We we're allies there for a little while but I wanted to keep you. :/
6th- _ivyyy_445 OHMYGOSH IVY. Could you be anymore perfect? You were SO fun to talk to and I'm in awe that you just gave yourself up like that. If you didn't want to go I sure wouldn't have voted you.
5th- pudrulz Totally inac and made it to final five. Dang.
4th- geovanycaldeorn I'M SORRY GEO. I had a final three deal. :/ Ugh. Hated to evict you!!

FINAL THREE carterbehne TheBirdie wendylynn28
carterbehne Thanks for being such a good ally! Love ya babe
wendylynn28 I love ya , glad I invited you to the game, probably wouldn't have made it nearly as far :)
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Awesome Game Guys! Jan 7, 2014
Had a lot of fun, tons of inactives but we're #soulsurvivors!
Faced the algo, but we defeated it with random thoughts #day4 !
Put ~ALL~ my trust in these guys and they both stayed loyal !
Love you guys! Awan Dzaz_Gb13

Also to everyone else in the game~

15th- candid INACT
14th- rodger1234 Yeah, we were alis but you were nommed against another ali, sorry
13th- sowon We lost most of our votes and you got out, but because of that I found a better alliance lol.
12th- movieguy22a Uhm you were one of our only threats, so.
11th- BbJayden Same thing ^
10th- LoveLife I'm not sure if you inact or not :s
9th- LunHuai INACT
8th- Brigade3 You came back at the last second, and we didn't want you because you were a threat to our F3 deal :s
7th- GuiihhhBrasil INACT
5th- JamesBlake INACT
4th- shill8518 INACT
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