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  1. currently watching survivor chronologically
  2. Gavin has an incredible ass...
  3. Tony from Survivor Cagayan is my RA's cousin!
  4. is tengaged finally dying
  5. needy gives me a headache
  6. break up with your girlfiend is such a bop
  7. Sweet Victory is beyond Adam Levine's capability..
  8. Wow Adam Levine flopped...
  9. joined when i was 13, thinking i was straight
  10. is it worth it to watch CBB2?
  11. Jeff Probst and the casting team be like
  12. 5+ years here
  13. So glad I decided to watch Survivor: Cagayan
  14. Endurance High Sierras was terrible.
  15. follow @everyenduranceplayerever on instagram for..
  17. 1st semester of college done!!!
  18. i joined this site when i was 13
  19. Feeling Loved <3
  20. obligated to post this on every site
  21. R.I.P AVICII
  22. beneficiary
  23. Any seniors here apply to Johns Hopkins?
  24. one of the best survivor edits
  25. Why is America sleeping on house music???
  26. anyone have a link to bbcan6 premiere
  27. Who did Morgan give the legacy to?
  28. Cover Drive - Twilight (Brenda Lowe cameo)
  29. a disappointment
  30. if michael goes home
  31. if michael is 2nd boot this season will be amazing
  32. jacob murdering his game
  33. i dont want to see king jacob leave
  35. donathan is the sue hawk of writing names
  37. already MESSY
  38. mastermind this first boot donathan!!!
  39. such a good twist
  40. 8/11 houseguests left in the last 3 days

Cover Drive - Twilight (Brenda Lowe cameo)

Mar 7, 2018 by TheACF12

this song is a bop and i NEVER KNEW BRENDA WAS IN THE VIDEO

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