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If Survivor: Borneo played out like Big Brother

Mar 27, 2021 by Tester
Used Wheel of Names to make this.

-----Week 1-----

HOH: Gervase
Nominees: Richard and BB
POV: Richard (POV Players: Gervase/Richard/BB/Sean/Jenna/Ramona)
Final Nominees: BB and Susan
Evicted: BB (9-4)

-----Week 2-----

HOH: Susan
Nominees: Gretchen and Sonja
POV: Kelly (POV Players: Susan/Gretchen/Sonja/Richard/Kelly/Rudy)
Final Nominees: Sonja and Dirk
Evicted: Dirk (8-4)

-----Week 3-----

HOH: Sean
Nominees: Rudy and Joel
POV: Kelly (POV Players: Sean/Rudy/Joel/Kelly/Sonja/Richard)
Final Nominees: Joel and Colleen
Evicted: Joel (6-5)

-----Week 4-----

HOH: Susan
Nominees: Ramona and Colleen
POV: Ramona (POV Players: Susan/Ramona/Colleen/Jenna/Sonja/Greg)
Final Nominees: Colleen and Greg
Evicted: Greg (6-4)

-----Week 5-----

HOH: Colleen
Nominees: Gervase and Stacey
POV: Gervase (POV Players: Colleen/Gervase/Stacey/Gretchen/Rudy/Jenna)
Final Nominees: Stacey and Kelly
Evicted: Stacey (6-3)

-----Week 6-----

HOH: Susan
Nominees: Ramona and Gervase
POV: Sean (POV Players: Susan/Ramona/Gervase/Sean/Kelly/Gretchen)
Final Nominees: Gervase and Rudy
Evicted: Gervase (5-3)

-----Week 7-----

HOH: Sonja
Nominees: Jenna and Kelly
POV: Colleen (POV Players: Sonja/Jenna/Kelly/Gretchen/Ramona/Colleen)
Final Nominees: Jenna and Sean
Evicted: Jenna (4-3)

-----Week 8-----

HOH: Richard
Nominees: Rudy and Sean
POV: Kelly (POV Players: Richard/Rudy/Sean/Kelly/Susan/Gretchen)
Final Nominees: Rudy and Sean
Evicted: Sean (4-2)

-----Week 9-----

HOH: Rudy
Nominees: Sonja and Gretchen
POV: Gretchen (POV Players: Rudy/Sonja/Gretchen/Kelly/Colleen/Ramona)
Final Nominees: Sonja and Ramona
Evicted: Ramona (3-2)

-----Week 10-----

HOH: Richard
Nominees: Gretchen and Rudy
POV: Kelly (POV Players: Richard/Gretchen/Rudy/Susan/Sonja/Kelly)
Final Nominees: Gretchen and Rudy
Evicted: Rudy (2-2; Richard’s choice to evict)

-----Week 11-----

HOH: Susan
Nominees: Gretchen and Colleen
POV: Richard (POV Players: Susan/Gretchen/Colleen/Kelly/Richard/Sonja)
Final Nominees: Gretchen and Kelly
Evicted: Gretchen (2-1)

-----Week 12-----

HOH: Sonja
Nominees: Colleen and Richard
POV: Richard (POV Players: Sonja/Colleen/Richard/Kelly/Susan)
Final Nominees: Colleen and Susan
Evicted: Susan (2-0)

-----Week 13-----

HOH: Colleen
Nominees: Sonja and Richard
POV: Sonja (POV Players: Colleen/Sonja/Richard/Kelly)
Final Nominees: Richard and Kelly
Evicted: Richard (1-0)

-----Final HOH-----

Part 1 HOH: Kelly
Part 2 HOH: Sonja
Part 3 HOH: Sonja
Final HOH: Sonja
Nominees: Colleen and Kelly
Evicted: Kelly (1-0)


Runner-Up: Colleen
Winner: Sonja

-----The Jury Votes-----

Sean: Colleen
Ramona: Sonja
Rudy: Sonja
Gretchen: Sonja
Susan: Sonja
Richard: Colleen
Kelly: Sonja

America's Favorite Houseguest: Rudy

----------FINAL PLACEMENTS----------

16. BB Andersen (9-4)
15. Dirk Been (8-4)
14. Joel Klug (6-5)
13. Greg Buis (6-4)
12. Stacey Stillman (6-3)
11. Gervase Peterson (5-3)
10. Jenna Lewis (4-3)
-----The Jury-----
9. Sean Kenniff (4-2)
8. Ramona Gray (3-2)
7. Rudy Boesch (2-2; Richard’s choice to evict)
6. Gretchen Cordy (2-1)
5. Susan Hawk (2-0)
4. Richard Hatch (1-0) [Sonja's choice to evict]
3. Kelly Wiglesworth (1-0) [Sonja's choice to evict]
-----Final Two-----
2. Colleen Haskell (2 votes to win)
Winner: Sonja Christopher (5 votes to win)

Tell me whether this is better or worse than the real season.



Sent by obey_me,Mar 27, 2021

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