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BrantSteele The Totem Pole 2 (Episode 11)

Mar 29, 2020 by Tester
----------THE CONTESTANTS----------

- Ailia ( Jameslu)
- Lily ( AntonB)
- Analeigh ( SaskiaRae)
- Nick ( NanoNerd)
- Bob ( islandsurvivor)
- Fianna ( PennyTrationStan)
- Drew ( ColinCoco)
- Jackie ( nateclove)
- Bone ( DBonee)
- Brenda ( turkeylover)

- Whitney ( Bluetiger)
- Isla ( systrix)
- Corn ( CORNACIA)
- James ( Chapi_BBJ)
- Rachel ( Mitchkid64)
- Mac ( Macda27)
- Caleb ( CalebDaBoss)
- Rose ( SeaViper)
- Thomas ( Iconique)
- K'Ehylar ( JonMcGillis)
- Mr. Black ( doobee)
- Mike W. ( Wolven6974)
- Lucretia ( CocoVanderbilt)
- Chandler ( aria_grande)
- Jack ( survivor1998)
- Onda ( Onda)
- Kaleb ( pudrulz)
- Maggie ( rockstarr)
- John ( joaoricos)
- Mike T. ( trolllol)

--------------------ROUND 11--------------------

----------Round Status----------

Relationship Highlights
- Analeigh feels an unbreakable relationship toward Brenda.
- Fianna feels a medium bond toward Jackie.
- Jackie feels a medium bond toward Bob.
- Jackie feels a medium bond toward Brenda.
- Drew feels a medium bond toward Jackie.
- Nick feels a medium bond toward Jackie.
- Ailia feels medium dislike toward Jackie.
- Bone feels a medium bond toward Jackie.
- Jackie feels a small bond toward Drew.
- Fianna feels a small bond toward Brenda.

The Alliances
- Brenda/Drew
- Analeigh/Brenda

Alliance Events
- There were no alliance events.

----------The Challenge----------

A challenge takes place to determine who will be at the top of the Totem Pole. The winner will be safe from the elimination and the vote.

10. Ailia (tried to throw the challenge)
9. Bob (tried to throw the challenge)
8. Bone
7. Nick
6. Analeigh
5. Fianna
4. Drew

The competition comes down to Jackie, Lily, and Brenda.

3. Jackie (tried to throw the challenge)
2. Brenda
1. Lily (winner of the challenge)

----------The Placement----------

The challenge winner places the rest of the players on the Totem Pole. Whoever is on the bottom of the Totem Pole will be at risk of being eliminated. Only the bottom five players on the Totem Pole can receive votes at the end of the round.

#1. Lily
#2. Jackie
#3. Bone
#4. Fianna
#5. Drew
-----The Bottom Five-----
#6. Analeigh
#7. Bob
#8. Brenda
#9. Ailia
#10. Nick

----------The Switch----------

The two most recently eliminated players decided the switch.

- Jackie is the switch!

Jackie switches Bone (#3) and Bob (#7). She wants to save Bob from the bottom five.

The Updated Placement

#1. Lily
#2. Jackie
#3. Bob (switched)
#4. Fianna
#5. Drew
-----The Bottom Five-----
#6. Analeigh
#7. Bone (switched)
#8. Brenda
#9. Ailia
#10. Nick

----------The Defender----------

The bottom of the totem pole must choose a Defender as a last chance to stay in the game.
- Nick selects Bob as the Defender.

The Defender must choose one of two options. Each option can be chosen a maximum of nine times throughout a season.
Save Card has been chosen 7 times. Take Power Card has been chosen 4 times.

Save Card: Save the bottom of the totem pole. They will be safe, but a twist is unleashed where someone else is eliminated.

Take Power Card: Eliminate the bottom of the totem pole and take power in the game.

- Bob selects Take Power Card.
- Nick is eliminated.

VOTING POWER: Select two players. They are the only players eligible to receive votes this round.

- Bob selects Drew and Ailia.

----------Round Events----------

Individual Targets
- Ailia is considered the biggest strategic threat, the least liked overall, the least connected overall and not very trustworthy.
- Drew is considered the biggest social threat and the biggest challenge threat.

Alliance Targets
- Alliance #8 (Brenda/Drew) is targeting Ailia.
- Alliance #9 (Analeigh/Brenda) is targeting Ailia.

----------The Vote----------

Each player left casts one vote for someone to leave the game.

Due to the Voting Power, only Drew and Ailia are eligible to receive votes.

- Ailia voted for Drew.
- Analeigh voted for Ailia. She voted for the Alliance #9 target.
- Bob voted for Ailia.
- Bone voted for Ailia.
- Brenda voted for Ailia. She voted for the Alliance #8 and Alliance #9 target.
- Drew voted for Ailia. He voted for the Alliance #8 target.
- Fianna voted for Ailia.
- Jackie voted for Ailia.
- Lily voted for Drew.

There was not a tie during the vote.

----------The Results----------

The vulnerable players wait for the results.

The player that received the most votes and is eliminated is... AILIA!

The two most recently eliminated players (Nick and Ailia) will decide the switch for the upcoming round.

The top three choices for Nick are Jackie, Fianna and Lily.
The top three choices for Ailia are Bob, Bone and Brenda.
They decide on Fianna.

---------------FINAL PLACEMENTS---------------

30th: Whitney (Bluetiger) [Eliminated]
29th: Isla (systrix) [13-12-3-1]
28th: Corn (CORNACIA) [Eliminated]
27th: James (Chapi_BBJ) [11-10-6]
26th: Rachel (Mitchkid64) [Eliminated]
25th: Mac (Macda27) [13-6-5-1]
24th: Caleb (CalebDaBoss) [9-7-6-2-0]
23rd: Rose (SeaViper) [9-7-6-2-0, Heavy Vote]
22nd: Thomas (Iconique) [Eliminated]
21st: K'Ehylar (JonMcGillis) [8-8-3, 10-9]
20th: Mr. Black (doobee) [Eliminated]
19th: Mike W. (Wolven6974) [11-6-1-1]
18th: Lucretia (CocoVanderbilt) [Eliminated]
17th: Chandler (aria_grande) [9-3-3-2]
16th: Jack (survivor1998) [Eliminated]
15th: Onda (Onda) [8-7]
14th: Kaleb (pudrulz) [Eliminated]
13th: Maggie (rockstarr) [10-2-1]
12th: John (joaoricos) [Eliminated]
11th: Mike T. (trolllol) [5-4-1-1]
10th: Nick (NanoNerd) [Eliminated]
9th: Ailia (Jameslu) [7-2]



Dammit i got so far
Sent by NanoNerd,Mar 29, 2020
Finally Lily stepped up!!!
Sent by AntonB,Mar 30, 2020

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