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Survivor: Game Changers with a completely randomized bootlist

Mar 26, 2020 by Tester
Used Wheel of Names and (for the swapped tribes) to make this.

20. J.T. Thomas (Nuku)
19. Malcolm Freberg (Mana)
--------------------SWAP 1--------------------
18. Tai Trang (Nuku/Tavua)
17. Jeff Varner (Mana/Tavua)
16. Aubry Bracco (Mana/Mana)
--------------------SWAP 2--------------------
15. Brad Culpepper (Nuku/Nuku/Mana)
14. Debbie Wanner (Nuku/Mana/Mana)
--------------------THE MERGE--------------------
13. Michaela Bradshaw (Mana/Nuku/Mana/Maku Maku)
12. Cirie Fields (Nuku/Mana/Mana/Maku Maku)
11. Ozzy Lusth (Nuku/Mana/Mana*/Maku Maku)
10. Caleb Reynolds (Mana/Tavua/Nuku/Maku Maku)
9. Zeke Smith (Nuku/Nuku/Nuku/Maku Maku)
8. Sarah Lacina (Nuku/Tavua/Nuku/Maku Maku)
7. Troyzan Robertson (Mana/Mana/Mana/Maku Maku)
6. Tony Vlachos (Mana/Nuku/Mana/Maku Maku)
5. Ciera Eastin (Mana/Tavua/Nuku/Maku Maku)
4. Sierra Dawn Thomas (Nuku/Mana/Nuku/Maku Maku)
--------------------FINAL THREE--------------------
3. Hali Ford (Mana/Nuku/Nuku/Maku Maku)
2. Andrea Boehlke (Nuku/Tavua/Mana/Maku Maku)
Winner: Sandra Diaz-Twine (Mana/Nuku/Nuku/Maku Maku)

* = Exiled at second swap and joined the losing tribe after tribal council

Tell me whether this is better or worse than the real bootlist.



In this reality Sandra goes 3/3 on wins lol
Sent by Tester,Mar 26, 2020
Sandra winning thrice? Iconic
Sent by AntonB,Mar 26, 2020
Even the random can make a better season than the actual season..
Sent by _Ravenclaw_,Mar 26, 2020
lmao this is actually super iconic
Sent by Girllover101,Mar 26, 2020

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