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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

2018 was truly an incredible year for competitive reality tv

Dec 2, 2023 by Tester
- Survivor South Africa: Philippines
- Survivor NZ: Thailand
- Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders
- Survivor: David vs. Goliath
- Big Brother 20 (US)
- Big Brother Canada 6
- The Challenge: Vendettas
- The Challenge: Final Reckoning

Plus these seasons that were fine but not as good as the rest:
- The Amazing Race 30
- Survivor: Ghost Island
- The Amazing Race Canada 6 - Heroes Edition
- The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars
- The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 2
- Celebrity Big Brother (US) 1

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No because 2018 was that bitch
Sent by Bluejay7622,Dec 2, 2023
D vs Goliath was iconic casting
Sent by Matthew09,Dec 2, 2023
Also the year I joined tengaged <3
Sent by SeaViper,Dec 2, 2023
Wotw2 was the last good Challenge season
Sent by woeisme,Dec 2, 2023
BB20 was my first BB season and I have to say, not a bad season to start with.
Sent by Sonically,Dec 2, 2023

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